fimshare is a charitable association under German law. It was created and is run by employees of Finance in Motion. It was established in 2013 after the company's employees recognized the opportunity to support charitable projects to go beyond their professional work in development finance and contribute in other ways to development around the globe.

Over its first three years, fimshare has implemented about 20 projects across four continents. Past projects have supported education and schools, funded the reduction of poverty, provided needed assistance in response to catastrophes and improved infrastructure (e.g., providing access to electricity).

From fimshare’s inception, Finance in Motion has remained a strong supporter of the charity through both regular donations and an employee donation-matching scheme. In 2015 alone, Finance in Motion donated over EUR 125,000 through contributions.   

We focus on supporting projects with direct impact that can be tracked to the ultimate beneficiary. We are centered on funding projects in the areas of education, poverty alleviation, emergency aid and infrastructure in emerging and developing countries. fimshare’s activity is worldwide in scope and favors no political, racial or religious ideology

fimshare Projects

fimshare funds itself through membership fees, individual donations of employees, family and friends, and Finance in Motion. Donations and contributions are channeled in their entirety to the various projects we support; administrative work is done pro-bono by fimshare members.

Since its launch in 2013, fimshare has funded projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Croatia, Egypt, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Serbia, Ukraine, and Turkey. 

Due to their international exposure – both personal and professional – our members often see remarkable projects around the world that require funding. Drawing on these first-hand observations, fimshare members can suggest projects for funding and submit project proposals, which are then vetted by the association’s board. Once a project is selected, it is closely monitored to ensure that the funds are spent on the approved purpose. fimshare’s donations are not used to cover any administrative expenses.